Hello world!

21 Jul

This is my first Blog…. Why did I start Blogging?  Therapy.  I have a life that has had bumps, bruises, and scars in a couple of places.  As I strive to develop my true voice, and get in touch with the inner child that experienced a loss of innocence at the ripe age of six years old.  I am starting this blog to document some of my life experiences and say all of the ish I want to say in an unapologetic way – kind of like Lil Wayne.

If you are not a fan, here is the lowdown, his second or third album flopped and he had a host of written material.  In order to free himself of what he felt was holding him back, he went into an epic recording session that lasted days where he recorded every lyric he had ever written until that time.  After that session Lil Wayne has been a freestyle rapper and has consistently sold hits.  Now back to me for a second, the parallel is, I want to say and do all of the things I wanted to do when I was a child, experience life in a fully engaged and self actualizing kind of way – so like Ludacris I can get the F out of my way – and live a freestyle life that is winning.

Rather than sit my mother down and say hurt her feelings with family therapy, or sit face to face with the uncle that attempted to rape me as a child, or sit and telling a therapist I regret never taking dance lessons when I really wanted to be a choreographer – me and my 40 year old self are going to tell it all to the world, in tandem with my therapy sessions that involve me and my therapist only, I am going to take dance and surf lessons NOW.  Give opinions on things that I hope tickles you in some way.  At some point I will upgrade this site.  I hope to have more followers, meet interesting people on my journey, get to my real life’s purpose, inspire folks along the way, and say ish in an unapologetic kind of way.  Ya heard.

And for the record – I am a black woman and yes, we do go to therapy!


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